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Pogba tells Raiola he wants Juventus move over Real Madrid

The green light for Pogba’s return to Juventus.that’s how it reads Gazzetta dello sport The headline in the clearest Italian daily indication that Paul Pogba is set to return to Juventus after his €100m move to Manchester United in 2016.

There has been constant talk of a possible meeting between Juventus and the French midfielder, with both sides winking at the other end. But this time magazine He has gone one step further by reporting that contact between Pogba and the Italian club has intensified.

The news comes at a crucial moment, with January approaching, and given his shaky situation at United, where he struggled for the top spot under manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer recently.

He appeared to be coming out of Old Trafford, with his agent Mino Raiola repeatedly speaking about staying away from the club. But Solskjaer continued to support Pogba and his contract expired in June 2022, the Red Devils were willing to pay large sums for its renewal. However, the talks have so far not come to fruition.

Manchester United’s French midfielder Paul Pogba prepares before the UEFA Champions League Group F football match against Villarreal.

Pogba wants to move to Juventus

According to Gazzetta, Pogba recently met with Raiola to clarify his position: he wants to return to Juventus. If that were the case, it would be a problem for both United, who don’t want to lose at no cost, and Real Madrid, for whom the Frenchman has long been high on their agenda.

The news in Italy may be a huge setback for Madrid’s aspirations, Although Pogba’s final decision will depend on several factors, including the financial one. Given the financial situation of Juventus, matching the additional bonus of 14 million euros offered by United to Pogba could prove difficult, while it is a number that Real Madrid can reach.

Although the Italian team has two factors in its favor: Italian tax policy and Aaron Ramsey. Regarding the first, in Italy, the player pays less taxes, and therefore Pogba’s net salary of 14 million euros will not be a total of 28 million euros, as in the case of England or Spain, but rather 21 million euros, which makes the financial burden less heavy on Juventus. .

Second, with Juventus seeking to get rid of Aaron Ramsey in January, they could save €8m per season.y, money that can be used to fund Pogba’s wages. This is definitely not the last episode, but it looks like the eternal Pogba series is coming to an end.

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