Eleven clever decisions that culminated in another scorcher

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The hour comes, the man comes.

In the latest release of Ron of the Rovers, an exciting new biweekly comedy from the makers of Tiger And EagleCristiano Ronaldo heroically saved another Champions League match for Manchester United.

Unlike his late-game headers against Villarreal and Atalanta at home in previous installments, Tuesday night’s dribbling was neither a header nor a winning goal.

Instead, a point saved in Bergamo for the unloved squad from the misfit millionaire our hero must learn to forgive like his current co-workers.

His former heads were, as is often the case with Ronaldo, great examples of a dying art. Tuesday’s goal was like his Portuguese compatriot, a special one. Here how he did it.


A common criticism of Ronaldo in the supernova stage is that he can spend isolated, static matches on the top of the pitch. On Tuesday, he drifted into a desperate move to influence a match that was getting away.

In the first minute of injury time, he hugs the left touchline, near where a video game console ad turns into a credit card ad:


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