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8 footballers with bizarre hobbies – from Ronaldo’s Bingo love to Joe Allen’s chickens

While some professional soccer players live and breathe the sport they’ve been successful in – others like to unwind with hobbies that don’t seem more different.

With bingo players around the world having a common interest with Manchester United icon Cristiano Ronaldo, chicken farmers have at least one thing in common with former Liverpool player Joe Allen.

Our list proves that not all celebrity footballers will spend their days trying to boost their athletic abilities, while others can find time to unwind while still being on top of their game.

Ronaldo and Allen joined Daily Star Sport The list of unexpected hobbies that some of the most famous faces in the game keep, as one former Premier League winner loves all things Star Wars.

Cristiano Ronaldo found his new hobby during his first spell with Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo – Bingo

Portuguese and Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo (3rdL) is congratulated by his teammate Nani (2ndL) on his 23rd birthday, sitting between Maniche (R) and Deco (L), at a hotel in Zurich, Switzerland, February 5, 2008
Cristiano Ronaldo once admitted that he loves to sit down to play bingo

Manchester United and Portugal hero Cristiano Ronaldo has admitted during his first spell at the club that he found the hobby of matching numbers particularly exhilarating.

In 2008, Ronaldo said of his love of chance: “Playing bingo can be very exciting.

“It can be very exciting because you can wait a long time to get just one number to complete the game.

“Then you see one of your friends you’re playing against gets a lucky number in front of you.”

Petr Cech – drums

Petr Cech started playing the drums at the age of only thirty
Petr Cech started playing the drums at the age of only thirty

Petr Cech, the former Chelsea and Arsenal goalkeeper, got millions of views on YouTube on clips of him drumming that were posted towards the end of his career.

“I have to admit that in my bag I always carry a pair of drumsticks because you never know where to find the time to do some,” he told Arsenal’s official website in 2018.

Before I add: “I started playing when I was about 30. In fact, I bought a drum set in March 2011. That was when I started. Since then I’ve been playing drums.”

Joe Allen – Chicken

Joe Allen's love for chicken started during his time at Liverpool
Joe Allen’s love for chicken started during his time at Liverpool

Joe Allen appeared on the front of the spring issue of Chicken & Egg magazine during his time in Liverpool in 2016, after his partner chose to bring commercial chickens home.

“Lassey was behind the decision,” said the Wales midfielder.

“We are both interested in animal welfare but she came up with the idea to save the chickens and agreed that it would be a great thing to do.

“We didn’t have any chickens raised but we wanted to help the chickens after they ended their trading life. I would be lying if I said I cleaned up… Once it was time to clean the coops, I disappear!”

David Beckham – Duel

David Beckham, shown here with a different type of fence, is said to enjoy fencing
David Beckham, shown here with a different type of fence, is said to enjoy fencing

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Will Smith of all people leaked David Beckham’s hobby to the press in 2008, telling at 3 a.m. that Tom Cruise had gotten the pair into sports after showing them his training room.

“Tom has a practice room,” Smith said. “We don’t have time to hang out, we’re only three guys, so that’s his way of getting together and bonding.

“David and I go to his house and just joust. It’s so much fun. We wanted an activity that was hard, but we’re getting older – we should think about slowing down.”

Gabriel Batistuta – Polo

Former Argentine football striker Gabriel Batistuta participates in the polo match between Loro Piana Polo Team and Chapelco, in Buenos Aires, on March 3, 2009. Batistuta participates in the fourth Argentine Polo Championship for Loro Piana Team, led by Adolfo Cambiasso.  The best polo player in the world.
Gabriel Batistuta made his polo debut after retiring from football

After the end of his football career in 2005, the legendary former Argentine striker Gabriel Batistuta cemented his love for playing polo.

“It’s very difficult, but I hope to improve a little bit each time,” Batistuta told Argentine TV in 2009 after his debut.

“I’m a little upset because I didn’t play well, but I’ll keep trying.”

Moritz Falls – Bread

Moritz Fultz (centre) celebrates Fulham's draw during the Barclays Premier League match between Aston Villa and Fulham at Villa Park on October 21, 2006 in Birmingham, England.
Former Fulham defender Moritz Falls was changing his bread for the next match

Former Fulham defender Moritz Falls, who unbelievably scored the 15,000th goal in Premier League history to take the 15,000 Falls title, has a huge passion for baking.

He said during his time in London: “When we played for big clubs like Arsenal or Manchester United, I made a banana biscuit and sprinkled green tea.

“If we were playing against more powerful teams like Blackburn Rovers, I would have made something a lot heavier, like carrot cake with nuts.”

Michael Owen – Jigsaws

Michael Owen works as an analyst for Amazon Prime during the Premier League match between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Manchester City at Molineux on December 27, 2019 in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom.
Michael Owen doesn’t waste any time watching movies

Michael Owen, who once said he’s only seen eight movies in his life, is known to have spent hours solving incredibly complex jigsaw puzzles.

Through a Twitter post that showed a 1,000-piece horse puzzle in 2011, Owen said he was about to embark on the biggest challenge of his life “despite his long football career.

After he later announced that he was only able to connect four pieces and find edges, this particular hobby may not have lasted.

Wayne Bridge – Star Wars

Former England defender Wayne Bridge has made no secret of his love for everything Star Wars
Former England defender Wayne Bridge has made no secret of his love for everything Star Wars

Last on the list is the former defender of Chelsea, Manchester City and England Wayne Bridge, who has made no secret of his love for everything Star Wars.

Once on the official Chelsea show dressed as a Stormtrooper, wife Frankie Bridge shared a photo of him with a cake showing a resemblance to the same fictional soldier on a recent birthday.

After posing in his full-size costume again for today’s game: The Official 2008 Annual, Bridge said, “I just love the costume and have always wanted to go to a masquerade as a Stormtrooper, I think I will. You look good performing for the guy running the dance floor” .


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